New Plug For Pet


Pet has done an excellent job in the past week of dealing with the children and daily chores.  As a result, I decided to reward her with something from her wish list, an Icicles #25 glass butt plug.

At 3.75 inches long and 1.5 inches wide it’s not extreme but definitely got her attention.  We have a similar sized rubber plug but it’s important to remember that, unlike rubber or a real cock, there is no compression or give with glass.  What you see is what you get.

Even after warming her ass up with my fingers and plenty of silicone lube, inserting this plug was more challenging than she expected.  It required a few patient attempts to get past the widest part.  Once in place though, she was a very happy girl.

I’ve had reservations in the past about this style of plug, specifically the base, but I am happy to say that it functioned well.  We didn’t experience any problems with it slipping in or out during playtime or sex.  Pet said the base was very comfortable and the narrow shaft seems ideal for extended wear.    I suspect this item is going to see quite a bit of use.


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