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Assignment #1

Sir has given me the assignment:

“You will create a public post, recounting the morning of September 27th to the best of your knowledge.  The post will include the details you remember, your thoughts about what took place, and your feelings during and afterward.”

It is very rare when we don’t have kids in the house on the weekend.  We are blended family and my kids’ dad lives in a different state so one of them is always around. Sir’s kids go to their Mom’s house every other weekend so they are gone more than mine.  When Sir and I know we will have no kids we usually plan something, whether it’s getting on the Harleys and going for a ride or even getting away for the weekend.  On September 27th we were still pre D/s relationship, so when we knew we would be kid free I thought about going for a ride or doing something with Sir to just relax and enjoy our time.  Sir said that he wanted to try my slave day fantasy which I quickly agreed to.

That morning Sir woke me up, blind folded me and left me on the bed while he prepared for my day.  He started out with the Wartenberg Wheel going over my breasts, stomach, legs and my pussy lips.  Being a physical person that craves touch, I responded favorably to my skin being poked by the wheel.  After playing with my breasts for a few minutes Sir told me he had a surprise for me.

He helped me off the bed and guided me out of the bedroom through the house to the backdoor.  As he opened the door I felt the coolness of the morning hit my naked skin making my nipples pucker and goose bumps all over my body. As he led me through the door I could hear voices that sounded close.  At first I thought the neighbors were outside and even though we have a privacy fence between the houses there’s only about 10 feet that separate the structures. So while it is a fantasy of mine to be watched or to be “caught”; I definitely did not mean by the uptight, crotchety woman with the annoying, whiny grandson that never fails to piss us off when he comes over to play with our kids.

Thankfully, Sir kept guiding me to the garage that sits next to our house.  The voices I heard were coming from the radio that turns on when you turn on the light switch inside that garage.  Our garage is divided by a wall into two parts; one side we park our bikes and keep the lawn mower, snow blower etc. and the other side has a punching bag hanging and we use part of it for storage.

Sir guided through to the side with the punching bag and stopped me right in front of the bag.  He told me to grab onto the bag at the top near the chain holding it suspended from a cross beam in the ceiling.  I did as he asked and I was feeling nervous but definitely excited.  I was already wet from the suspense of my surprise. Mind you, we were not into D/s yet.  We’ve role played and used toys for just that so I had no idea what He was planning.

He let me stand there for a few minutes (I later found out he was taking pictures of his Pet) and then I felt Sir behind me as a hand came around to squeeze my nipple. As I was enjoying the bite of his pinch I felt the flogger being dragged across my ass and I immediately knew what was coming.  I love soft pain/pleasure and my pussy was beginning to throb when the first lashing came across my ass.  Sir never uses enough force to break skin but definitely leaves a sting and I was having a hard time standing still at this point.  After several more soft lashings Sir told me to put my arms down and he took off my mask.

He put his arms around me, kissed me and then guided me to his Harley (another fantasy of mine).  He bent me over the seat and slammed his cock into my wet pussy from behind.  It was a bit awkward because of how the bike sits and the height that it’s at so we quickly gave that idea up. He then led me over to the old recliner we had sitting out there.  He spread my legs and draped them over the arms of the chair.

He got down on his knees and eagerly buried his face into my cunt, taking my clit in his teeth.  He put 2 fingers inside of me and started teasing my g spot. He licked, sucked and gently bit my clit for what seemed like forever until he pulled back but kept his fingers in pounding my pussy.  I am a card carrying, proud to say it, squirter; a fact that came to light after we got together because He is the only lover that can make me do that.  By this point I am so turned on not only what He was doing to me physically but also this man was bringing some my fantasies to life.  As I reached my first orgasm (it is highly unusual for me to have less than 3 at a time) I can feel myself getting wetter when I see Sir’s head jerk back but he kept up his finger fucking and I was already rolling into another orgasm.  After I came down off my euphoria I realized that I soaked the seat of the recliner as well soaking Sir’s face which was several inches away from my pussy at the time.  We laughed about it as Sir stood me up, turned me around and pushed me gently to my knees and bent me over so I’m now facing the mess I made as He took from behind.  It was a very erotic thing to smell that as He pounded into me for his release.

After catching our breaths we went back inside and continued on with our day together.  I will agree with my Master; something definitely changed that day and I believe we opened ourselves up to the next step in our relationship.