Being disciplined

Last night Sir and I discussed what I did wrong yesterday morning.  He disciplined me and it hurt me. Not so much physically but more emotionally because I knew I disappointed him.  I am a huge fan of the pleasure/pain lovemaking, however, last night was not about my pleasure. While he touch and caressed me; he used my body solely for his gratification and it was a lesson learned. Sir has always been the most giving lover even before we entered into the D/s relationship so it was very foreign to me to not be sexually satisfied after our lovemaking.  In the past whether I’ve orgasmed or not it has always been satisfying for me.  Last night I was grateful that Sir found pleasure with my body but make no mistake I was being disciplined and felt the full impact of that.

I love my Master and am happy that he loves me enough to correct my behavior.  I am quick learner and will remember my first lesson for a long time to come.


Disappointing Sir This Morning

We are new to the D/s world…like newborn new.  Sir has never been in a D/s relationship and I have only experimented in being a Dom for a short while and truly it was more of role playing rather than a true D/s relationship; so we don’t have all the rules or agendas established as of yet.  I do not know what all is expected of me which I believe led me to disappointing Sir this morning.

I woke up horny and asked or rather hinted at that I would like to masturbate. Sir getting ready for work, gave me permission even though I didn’t take into consideration that Sir might be horny as well.  It is something that I haven’t had to face before. We have been together for 4 years (where for the most part I was the instigator of sex) and our D/s relationship less than a week old. It is definitely a work in progress.

When I read Sir’s post it made me cry because truly I want to serve him well and take care of his needs as well as he takes care of mine.  I know there will be consequences for my actions this morning and it is  well deserved. I only hope we can get past this trial and error stage quickly and get into a meaningful and fulfilling D/s lifestyle.


The Morning Routine

As my alarm went off this morning I  found Pet reading next to me in bed.  This is not an unusual situation, as she often wakes before me.  And so my workday routine began.  A quick trip to the bathroom to freshen up, back to the bedroom to dress, my mind already wondering what crises I would walk into at my job.

Pet had slept naked, as I prefer her to.  As I finished dressing myself, I pulled down the blanket a bit to admire her beautiful breasts.  A pinch and nibble made her nipple stiffen between my lips.  She moaned slightly and I smiled to show my appreciation of her body.  As I stood up, a grin came to her face.

“Yes?” I inquired.

“Never mind.  I know you’ll say no.”

I remained silent, knowing the unspoken question, considering my response.  She had pleased me last night, and I was feeling generous.

“I’m going to the garage to get my motorcycle out.  One orgasm.  Quickly.”

“Thank you, Sir” she replied.

I stepped out of the bedroom, shutting the door behind me, and went to the garage.  It took five minutes or so to pull my bike out, round up my gear, and place it on the seat.  Returning inside, I discovered Pet, still writhing under the blanket with her favorite vibe buzzing away against her clit.


“I’m sorry Sir.  I woke up horny!”

“And you couldn’t have woken me to deal with that?”  I responded, discontented.

After a moment of silence, I kissed her lightly, and rode off to work.

At this point in our journey we don’t have a firm set of rules established, only a handful of loosely defined spoken ones.  This morning reminds me that I need to make that a priority.  Our D/s dynamic is still developing.  But, while I can’t fault Pet for waking up aroused, she was so focused on her pleasure that mine was not even considered.  She is sitting at home, with a content pussy.  I am at my desk, writing this, with a frustratingly hard erection.  I find that unacceptable.  This will be discussed tonight.

There will be consequences.




New Beginnings

Greetings world, and welcome to our blog, one of several new beginnings for us.

I have a history of web design, but am new to WordPress.  I’ll be learning as I go and sharing that knowledge with Pet.  We both enjoy writing and hope that this will be a productive place to share our thoughts as we start this next chapter of our life together.

The ‘About Us’ page will be completed soon to give readers an idea of who we are while retaining a reasonable level of pseudonymity.  The rules of our relationship are a work in progress and will be given pages as well once a final draft is complete.  Pet is encouraged to post and will occasionally be required to do so on topics of my choosing.

More to follow soon.  Enjoy,