Pet’s Rules

General Behavior

I will address Him as ‘Sir’ or ‘Master’ whenever we are alone or publicly if the situation allows.

General housekeeping and day to day care of the children are my primary responsibility.  I will do my best to please Sir in these areas.  Sir will sometimes help to show appreciation or when I am unable.

I will always speak of Sir respectfully with others.


When Sir speaks to me or asks me a question, I will give him my full attention and, if necessary, answer as clearly and completely as possible.


I will surrender my body to Sir to use as He desires with no hesitation or shame.

In the bedroom, Sir’s pleasure will always be foremost in my mind.  I will take pleasure in fulfilling His needs and desires, knowing that mine will be taken care of in turn.

I will refrain from masturbating and orgasm unless I ask for and receive permission from Sir or He specifically instructs me to do so.  If Sir desires to watch, in person or on camera, I will do my best to accommodate His wishes.

I will always remember that I am cherished by Sir and that He would never knowingly allow harm to come to me.


I will wear a collar at all times to remind me that I serve Him.  Only Sir is allowed to remove or change my collar unless I have His permission or some unforeseen situation requires it.

Training & Discipline

It is important for me to remember that training and discipline, while they appear similar in some ways, are two separate things.

Training is to help me learn rules and as a reminder when I make minor mistakes.  It is an ongoing need.  When Sir feels that training is necessary, I will always remember that it is given with Love.

Discipline is more severe and is due when I have purposely disobeyed a rule or order from Sir.  It reminds me to be accountable for my actions and words.  It is never given in anger.

Safe Word

I will have a safe word that is mutually agreed upon.

While I understand that Sir would never intentionally cause me permanent harm or put me in a situation He felt I could not handle, a time could arise where He is not aware or I feel I am being pushed (mentally or physically) beyond my limits.  If a situation such as this arises, I will use my safe word with no fear of repercussion, and the ‘scene’ will stop instantly.

I acknowledge that use of my safe word should not be taken lightly.  Unnecessary use could be counterproductive to my training or trivialize my actions that are deserving of discipline.  It will only be used when absolutely necessary and never to avoid discipline.

Revised 2014-10-07

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