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Sensory Overload

Pet and I had a child free night on Friday.  Those of you with children at home will understand that an entire evening with no chance of interruption and no need to be quiet is truly a treat.  We took full advantage and enjoyed a nice, long training session.

I’m happy to report that she performed remarkably well,  beginning by making dinner in her sexiest lingerie.  Afterward, I was able to practice tying a chest harness and give her bottom extended attention with my hand, flogger and multiple paddles while she stood restrained.  I also used the opportunity to experiment with sensory deprivation.  Pet spent an hour on the bed, completely immobilized, with a blindfold and headphones playing while I teased her with various implements.  She had no idea what was coming next and was jumping at the slightest touch after nearly an hour of edging.  When I allowed her to cum, she did so repeatedly and loudly.  My good girl was left a quivering, soaked mess.

Afterwards, we talked about the experience and she fell asleep in my arms with her head on my chest, totally spent.  It was a wonderful ending to a perfect evening.

I look forward to reading Pet’s thoughts on the experience in a post of her own soon.



New Plug For Pet


Pet has done an excellent job in the past week of dealing with the children and daily chores.  As a result, I decided to reward her with something from her wish list, an Icicles #25 glass butt plug.

At 3.75 inches long and 1.5 inches wide it’s not extreme but definitely got her attention.  We have a similar sized rubber plug but it’s important to remember that, unlike rubber or a real cock, there is no compression or give with glass.  What you see is what you get.

Even after warming her ass up with my fingers and plenty of silicone lube, inserting this plug was more challenging than she expected.  It required a few patient attempts to get past the widest part.  Once in place though, she was a very happy girl.

I’ve had reservations in the past about this style of plug, specifically the base, but I am happy to say that it functioned well.  We didn’t experience any problems with it slipping in or out during playtime or sex.  Pet said the base was very comfortable and the narrow shaft seems ideal for extended wear.    I suspect this item is going to see quite a bit of use.


Chinese Nipple Clamps

Chopstick Nipple Toys


Even if you already own several styles of nipple clamps as we do, these simple ones are a nice ‘twist’.  Bring home a few extra sets of chopsticks from your favorite Chinese place.  Add a few small rubber bands and Voilà!

Start with the bands (not too tight) at the ends and slide them closer to the nipple to increase the pressure gradually.

We had quite a bit of fun with these this afternoon and Pet most definitely approved!


1300 Miles Close

Pet is still halfway across the country and her itinerary has been hectic.  Here at home, things have been even crazier.  Between vehicle troubles, work emergencies, plumbing issues and a sick child my life this week has seemed like the setup for an overly complicated joke.  Strangely enough, laughing about it all is exactly what I’ve done.  If the circumstances of this week would have happened a few short months ago, I would be searching for a bridge to jump off of.  But instead, all I can think about is my cherished Pet and counting the days to her return.

Tonight we had the opportunity to have a nice, deep phone conversation about the state of our relationship.  We each shared the things we’d been thinking about individually and it was remarkable how alike our thoughts are.  I’m quite literally sitting here at my desk with a gigantic grin just thinking about how happy I am.

It’s not that I didn’t love my Pet before or that I love her more now, but the day to day troubles seem diminished and my feelings for her have intensified beyond what I thought possible if that makes any sort of sense.  I feel like I have changed, for the better.  Or maybe it’s just that what was always inside of me has finally come out.  I feel complete.

Oh, and I also messaged Pet a list of instructions for after her shower this evening.  Specifically, directing her to masturbate and step by step instructions for how she was to do so.  Edging, nipple clamps, clothespin on her clit, and her favorite vibrator were all included (I’m sure TSA enjoying rifling her baggage).  Shortly afterwards, I received the photos to confirm that she had done as instructed.  She was a very Good Girl.

That’s not to say she has followed all of her directions for this trip, and I will elaborate on that in my next post, but tonight was excellent.  I am so happy to have this woman in my life.


5 Days

Pet leaves this morning for a family event and will be out of state for five days.  Yet another challenge to our new relationship dynamic.  There’s a knot in my stomach and I feel like part of me is missing already.  The last few weeks have been filled with highs and lows, but I feel a bond with her stronger than ever before.

We were fortunate to have quite a bit of alone time yesterday and I took every opportunity to use her body for my pleasure, reminding her that she belongs to me.  After her morning orgasm that I mentioned earlier, I allowed her to thank me with her tongue.  She performed magnificently by kissing  and licking her way over my body, paying special attention to my cock and ass.  She’s well aware that rimming always weakens my resolve and was rewarded by having her dripping wet pussy fucked again.

In the evening, we wanted to discuss the rules for her trip.  I instructed Pet to shower, put on a corset of her choice and wait for me on the bed.  Before our talk began, I retrieved a medium sized butt plug, lubed it generously and inserted it into her tight backside.  We went through questions, concerns, and schedules for the week until we were both comfortable that everything was covered.  I held her close and said,

“Pet, you’ve had several orgasms today, haven’t you?”

“Yes Sir.  Thank you Sir.”

“I’ve used both your mouth and your greedy pussy.  Can you think of anything I missed?”

She roller over, getting on all fours.

“My ass Sir.  Please fuck my ass.”

I removed the plug and proceeded to do just that.  Over and over, plunging into her tight hole.  She was very vocal, and after a bit, began to thrust back against me violently until I couldn’t take it any longer.  I shuddered and came hard, deep inside her.

After cleaning up, Pet thanked me and quickly fell asleep, completely spent, with the sweetest smile on her face.  It was a very good day.

I’m going to miss my Good Girl.